Business Approach – Wolf Gugler Executive Recruiters

One of the most critical aspects of our talent recruiting efforts is to determine the right “fit” between our client and the candidate. Wolf Gugler Executive Recruiters work diligently to ensure that those potential employees shortlisted for client interviews are only those who demonstrate the best long term potential.

iStock_000005367365_ExtraSmallWe initially invest in whatever time is necessary to ensure we have an accurate and detailed understanding of our Client’s needs. We present this to our client to ensure that the mutually agreed upon required skill set is what every shortlisted candidate possesses. Video interviews, behavioral interviewing techniques and in-depth interview impressions are all utilized to inform the client as to each shortlisted candidate’s strengths, constructive areas of development and any personal information the candidate has offered.

Once chosen for serious consideration by a client, a candidate’s employment references and educational background are verified to ensure the accuracy of qualifications, experience and education that they have claimed to achieve.

This work is handled directly by our and reported to the Client to qualify and support all hiring decisions. This is also why we’re confortable in offering (in most instances) a one year guarantee period following hire. This by far exceeds those of our competitors and speaks to our confidence in our work.

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