Stay Interviews; You Can’t Afford NOT To Use Them

Stay Interviews: You Can’t Afford NOT To Use Them As of late, I’ve been really focused on writing about employee engagement and retention. Why should a headhunter care about this? Frankly, in my twenty-plus years in talent recruitment I’ve always tried to align myself with organizations that did everything they could to ensure employees were […]

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Employee Engagement, Part One

Hy-Mark, a full service mechanical company serving both commercial and residential customers in Ontario was experiencing problems. The company was unprofitable and suffered from employee morale issues and high turnover. A change in upper leadership was made in September of 2015 when Rob Dewar, a longstanding client of ours was hired as President to affect […]

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Dance Your Way To Employee Engagement

If you really want to motivate your team, you might consider sacrificing your pride and showing off your singing and/or dancing abilities (or lack of in my case). The overall benefits from five minutes of silliness include stress reduction, physical activity, camaraderie and general office mood improvement. The idea from this article stems from my […]

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