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Dance Your Way To Employee Engagement

If you really want to motivate your team, you might consider sacrificing your pride and showing off your singing and/or dancing abilities (or lack of in my case). The overall benefits from five minutes of silliness include stress reduction, physical activity, camaraderie and general office mood improvement. The idea from this article stems from my […]

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Succession Planning; Don’t Put This Off

Succession Planning: A Step-by-Step Approach Having been in the talent recruitment field for over twenty years, I’ve had numerous opportunities to consult with companies who require someone to replace a transitioning employee as a result of not having a successor in place. Frankly, it’s good for my business but for the client company it results […]

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Web Site Security Leads to a Revamp

Welcome to our newly designed web site…the result of procrastination and four site attacks in six weeks! I knew we were due for fresh content and more interactivity in our site revamp; I’m happy to share my thoughts but really appreciate others voicing their opinion and sharing their experiences. So, when someone from Russia took […]

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